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Designer Buy2Lets Rentals

To be successful in this lucrative market you need to stay ahead of the game. Our key to success is to give more for less. Keeping the condition of your portfolio in top form plays a big part in keeping your properties rented out, maximizes there value and helps towards a quick sale. Well, no one wants a good tenant to move out do they!

We have a portfolio of cottages, terrace and semi detached houses, all of which are presented to the highest standards.



  • 34 London Road: 2 bed contempory styled terrace house
  • Hawthorne annex: Exclusive 1 bed house
  • 39 George street: 2 bedrooms
  • 21 Bradwall road: 2 bedrooms
  • 23 Brawall road: 2 bedrooms
  • 17 Bradwall road: 2 bedrooms
  • 22 Elworth street: 2 bedrooms
  • 21 port land street: 3 bed semi detached house
  • Cobwebs cottage: 2 bed cottage
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